Choral & Orchestral

Daniel does a vast amount of collaboration with school music groups and community ensembles. He conducts workshops with music students for his original works. Daniel’s most popular choral piece has been Rain Drops written in 2007. Listen below to the recording performed by the St. Laurence’s Big Brotherhood Choir. He wrote this piece when he was 16 for his own college choir. He received an Award of Excellence in Choral Composition at the Queensland Catholic Schools & Colleges Music Festival (2007), and it became popular with other choirs in Brisbane, and further. It has been performed by the Birralee Blokes (international Kathaumixw Choir Of The World – 2012), St. Laurence’s College, Brisbane Grammar School, and Marymount College.

Rain Drops performed by The Big Brotherhood (2007) – St. Laurence’s College

Daniel is also noted for his contemporary string ensemble work. He collaborates with string ensembles such as Quatro for whom he writes new music, and arranges old music. Listen to this short demo of ‘Duel’ which is his latest contemporary string work 

Duel by Daniel O’Brien